In the cool pre-dawn darkness, Kina and Motua run into the forest, with the burning warriors close behind. The village of Toko-Mua is coming alive, cries of alarm audible even this far into the forest. Temple warriors are already beating the drums. Glancing back, Kina can see a column of smoke rising over the village. The stockade has caught fire and is burning very well, filling the night sky with an orange glow and lifting sparks—or were they ghosts?—high over the trees.

So begins Islands of Fire, a novel set in Mokukai, a mythical oceanic world of remote jungle atolls, fierce island warriors, and dark magic. Kina, a warrior far from her home, escapes from the slave pits of Toko-Mua, and she thinks she is free from the grasp of the brutal Burning Warriors. But she stole the strange weapon that is the heart of their sinister cult, and now the Burning Warriors, led by their cruel priestess Nakali, doggedly pursue her across the vast ocean of Mokukai. Alongside her companion, Motua, Kina must flee Nakali’s armada of war canoes as she seeks to learn more about the mysterious “pahi” and its origins.

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